All you really need to know is...   If it can be done on paper, we can do it!

Design &



***  Before sending us your files - Please read through these preparation guidelines.


Files We Accept

*  We accept print quality PDF Files with bleeds   This is the most common format that we receive from customers.  It preserves quality and layout.

*  JPG

*  Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator files (packaged)

*  Adobe Photoshop


Did you create your project in Word, Excel or Publisher?

If you send us a Word or Excel document, we run the risk of layout changes and your final will not look like you designed it.  The best option is to export/save your file as a PDF.  We are sorry but we can not currently open a Publisher file at this time so please save it as a PDF before you send it to us.

Example of a 4x6 with a bleed

Design Preparation Tips

*  Resolution:  Be sure you set your file to at least 300 dpi before you start creating.  Changing it after or having a lower dpi will cause blurry images.

*  We print all files in CMYK, if they are RGB we convert them which can cause color inconsistencies.  If you want to know a bit more about the CMYK process check here

*  If your design goes all the way to the edge of any side it needs to have Bleed in the document file  - Bleeds are 1/8” (.125) on each side that will be trimmed.  This prevents a white edge from showing on the finished product.


Example of a Business Card with a bleed

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